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Saturday, July 24, 2010

.toy's fair.

Malaysia International Toy's Fair at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre Hall 2, Mid Valley Megamall Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 24th of July
was attended by the most welcomed guess, ME! weee :)

Went there with WhayLyn and two of her bros, accompanied by a few game (Dragonica) players. It was our very first time outing, meeting each other personally other than in game is AWESOME all I can say! feeling awkward but ended up we made good jokes and laughs.

There wasn't anything much in the toy fair; the only thing is this... weee :)

2 of my babes :)
, i wished i got any :(

Some random photos of the toys I took,
this event ain't my type. Those peoples whom likes anime should attend.. Today would be the last day.

a smth smth trying to eat its own tail

kawaii des

and this is JOY! from my class fyi :)

no idea whats this

and this is to be dedicated to hokith


Was suppose to stay at home studying for next week's presentation, but ended up hanging outing till midnight. and thanks to WhayLyn i have to travel to Midvalley alone go and reach back sharp 12.
Unfortunately, I'm not kidnapped, otherwise, I got reasons to put the blame on her.

Let me not talk much, again it comes, photos speaks a million words.

this is what connects us >> Dragonica!

mintyle, furfer, and love

vege, andox and yaze

Okey cut the crap back to reality.

me and my beloved hokith

my another belove lyn and tiffany

that doll looks sad in your hand Lyn


cutie lil Poporings!

the only group photo with some missing

The me that often do something silly and embarrassing.

The Rm50 photos of the day.
Perverted-pervert >>>>> jang jang jang....

curi ayam

sudah curi :)

HAHAHAHA! No choice but to touch something that is not real cause no real thing for me to touch haha.

And thanks guys and ladies, really do have fun yesterday.
Lets meet again some time later on.
signing off,
DRAGONICA - connecting people :)


  1. I had fun too =D nice meeting you ^^

    lol Pervert photos on air !!

  2. wow! take pic wit leng lui..

    hey, i luv ur hair nw=]

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