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Thursday, August 05, 2010

.birthday celebration.

outing OuTiNg and OUTINGGG.......

2 days consecutively hanging out for the celebration of HongYu and JianHao's birthday respectively.

Although they cancelled my badminton plan on Wednesday, they do replaced it back at Thursday; so it should be forgivable.

GreenBox again was visited by them at the noon where I'm not pleased to attend that time. It must be fun, since I heard some were over-excited shouting like a mad dog and its the very first time for Elaine, just transferred over from Sabah branch to join the ktv session.

Joined them for dinner after their shouting session at YongTauFu @ WangsaMaju..
By time, they had decided to watch movie at the WangsaWalk. Surprisingly, it was a midnight show movie and alot were able to watch.

JianHao & HongYu: See, everyone so give face to you both, better appreciate and remember it. :)

Meanwhile waiting, some photos were snapped.
On the count of Three, Two and One...

I ♥ TeeToo

Yee and D'

D' and Elaine

This is the very first photo of Elaine appearing in my blog. Do you feel the sense of pride within you now? :)

Here are all monkey acts and other sort or animals>>>>>

the 4 legendary monkey king
from M'sia. lmao

birthday boy kiss kiss :)

finally he is willing
i shall stop and move 'YK' to my spot

soooo faked acted fight

HongYu just beast-fed Lala

kiss his arseee

4 and 5; the date of their b'day

and now, TALK TO THE HAND! The 3 terminators!
only talk to hand, otherwise you will be terminated. *how childish more could i be*

Animals do have moments when they will act normally.
Cute peoples below.

Its really a long wait of 2 hours before we proceed for the movie. Snap sounded can be heard everywhere and we know nothing on the word embarassing.

Rank.1 goes to mr.cutie D'arryl
wheee :)

2nd goes to Yee. (right)
she is cute, ain't her?

Here is Yee and D303 a.k.a. Felicia

Siewli and Derrick


grow up people, 20 already

Alright, time for some photos of me to appear now. hiak hiak..
I always keep the best for the last. :)

Kelvin, Yee, D' & Doraemon

Derrick, Soon & D'

In between of ShirTheng and Lala

Yee & D'

followed by JoyJoy

and ShirTheng

Ah'Li & Ah'D

Kelvin & I

birthday boy,
the handsome LaiJianHao from Serdang

Okey where is my photo with HongYu? Omg missed, I dont have.
Sorry baby Yu Zai..

Didn't realise no personal photo with you. Who ask u MIA when I snapping with others. haha

Last, but not least, group photo of the day!

look at the dark green fella,
he spoilt my photo. sobs.

partial ABM1 peoples,

It is always that fun hanging with them. One thing to be aware is the hole in my pocket xD.
Every single one of us counts, non is better-off than the others.

and these two movies were watch respectively on Wed and Thurs.

Thumbs up for the movie "Salt" and no thumb for Avatar 'The Last Airbender"..

'Salt' is an excited spy story line movie;
a word awesome I would used to describle.

and not forgetting

'The Last Airbender', in which watched in 3D graphic mode .

This movie was directed in a proper and good story base, but the whole tone wan fairly horizontal; no sudden action or something.
*EuYong's wife, S.F claimed its nice, it was fairly average for me only*

I HATE 3D SPECS! It makes me feel so uncomfortable wearing it..
If possible, not watching it already next time.

Most importantly, hoped the birthday ones enjoyed and feel happy on the day.

Xang xang xing xing aye...

signing off,
I need to expand my network

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