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Saturday, August 21, 2010

.battle for life.

It's exactly one week time before the commence of my final examination again.

Being in Advanced Diploma and having to be so called 'professional' in everything within us, is cracking my brain off my head.

For instance,
Having the need to project right attitude, speaking international language (English) all times, performing written work professionally and so on and so forth.

Things are getting tough and even tougher...
ICSA: I will make you something within my finger-tips and grind all challenge that came b'coz of you.

Expectation on us had beyonded our high sky limit.
Stress accompanied us, however, we are all battling for it.
Converting challenges as a mean to success in life and build strong ground for corporate world.

Now, look at a comment of a friend of mine. click here. Sorry ZhiWei, I found it funny to be, but I know it's not =)

Just woke up from my beloved bed, dreamt sitting one of the papers a.k.a. the Financial Accounting 1 and my whole mind was blank without knowing anything to write.

woootttt........ Ended up me waking up sweating and panicked. Fortunately it is just a dream.

Why don't I get a dream that leads me smiling or laughing when I get up? sigh, things never get right.
So, shall put more effort making it right; which means to study in hardcore mode!

Time to facebook and do something else.
p/s: Sorry for not keeping blog updated. =)

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