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Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Be fanked, am pissed off,
perhaps not much, but there is.

Why should the badminton plan be cancelled for the sake of others. That plan is a plan, and mine is not?

I admit I'm eager for the badminton, but I do have the intention to celebrate.
The celebration was supposed to be at night; if it would be made at noon, then why not at the moment of planning everyone is informed, instead of cancelling the badminton plan the last minute.
And for not joining the ktv is to avoid me making myself moody and drag down along the mood of everyone around.

Although it might just be a small matter, I do feel bad for telling the others who wanted to play and again confirming with them at night that the plan will be on. Having them to bring their stuff for the whole few hours and ended up for nothing. Thou they might not feel anything, but I do.

You people get celebration, and they just havta get their backpacks and go back home.

Topped up having to face people that makes me feel frustrated everyday, and also in college facing that moronic mschin really blow my mind off.
Seriously I feel like slapping her face a few hundred times today for the lecture she made. Infact every single lecture never goes good, today is the worse of all.

I really got no idea what constituted the pissed feeling within me. Real sorry for it.
Being sad for the matter, not to anyone. Don't get offended.
Anyhow, Happy birthday HongYu and JianHao!

Do feel no sense of belongingness within me at all. I can't even get someone reliable around me to share my thoughts whenever I'm unhappy or down. You are excluded, will maintain the you within me not changing.
How can I transform myself to be more accountable of myself?

p/s: Please only take this post, this blog, as a mean for me to voice out my thoughts. I hope there ain't anyone whom will create a flame regard to the post. thankyou.

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