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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Yesterday night was my very very very first Skype session I ever had in my life lol.

ChanHoKith and TanWaiHow took my virginity away! You guys gonna pay for it! haha.

Was discussing a "private" matter that couldn't be disclosed here now. =p

*A meeting is defined as an assembly of 2 or more person for the discussion or furtherance of defined topic, properly convened (by Skype) and is presided by a chairperson (me). HAHAHAHAHA!*

It was so, so fun having msn video call with a person and Skype talking to another. Well, we backstab and do stupid face gestures personally within the msn's video call.
And to Mr.IvanOng, I wonder what he was doing last night.
Was supposed to chat along with us but ended up MIA'ing, god don't know where he went either.

One big time regret is I wasted few hours in front of the laptop crapping with them and not revising anything for my exam.
a..ha....... It was a good mind relaxing thou.

I wonder can Skype used for video conferencing for more than 2 parties, is it possible; anyone mind smacking me something I don't know?
Am still aliened with this Skype.

p/s: Skype sucks, it creates trouble for me with the password thingy. Ended up having two account.
Anyhow, add me into your list @ darryl.tee /


  1. first of all, u already lost ur virginity dam long ago, and of cuz i am not the 1 who took it.

    secondly, since when u became the chairperson?
    i tot i am the one? =.=

    thirdly, dunno who yesterday play dota while skyping with us..... now put all the blame on us that u cant revise becuz of us !!!

    fourthly, u are compulsory to attend the plan or else u are reli so dead !!!!!

  2. A serious advice: Do not open msn or skype when u think u want to study. LOL