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Sunday, August 29, 2010

.sorry euyong@2010.

Sorry Euyong, one of my beloved hearted best dude.

I couldn't make it to back Klang tomorrow to celebrate your gorgeous big-time anak dato' punya birthday..
Real real sorry I would wanted to apologize to you.
And also to my close friends; you guys know who you are, for not abling to join the celebration together.

Forgive me for once. I do wanting to join, but timing got problem, as usual.

Here, are some sweet celebration we had.

Ey & D'


with his cake


friends alwiz~

Sweet memories always lies in my true heart. We care, and we share with each other.

Seriously, I can never study at Klang. There is still a couple of things I wanted to revise and re-revise to score well for my papers.
Already having low coursework marks, more effort shall I placed onto it.

Once, again SORRY.
remember to enjoy to the max; although my body ain't there, my soul is with you.


p/s: Not knowing, our friendship had established since 2002, 8years good time friend.

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