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Friday, September 24, 2010

.end of holiday.

Its Saturday today! Needed to back college already tonight..

Anyway, enjoyed this 2 weeks of holiday almost to the max; am satistied with it. Been slacking for the whole 2 weeks and having nice outing.

Penang, I-city, golf, ktv, pyramid, pavilion and tons of ass-kicked fun activities.

That is why I have to thanks to everyone involved during my fantastic holiday. Thankyou.

Time to crack my brain.
Time to de-rust my brain.
Time to get my ass back to college.
Time to study and face stress again.

See yah peoples in college. I miss you people so much.
Eager to see you guys; on the other hand, going to miss peoples from Klang.

p.s: I don't have nerd-mode like many people do.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Its Mid-autumn festival of year 2010.

Been put aeroplane by cousins who promised to come over my house to celebrate this wonderful night. But nevermind, I still have my parents and siblings here.

Hope everyone been blessed by the full moon. and enjoyed the night.

On top of that, Happy Birthday Nicole Lee!
A girl, my bro's girlfriend.

So coincidently her birth date fall on the same day.
I knew you love the guitar that my bro gave. Remain close and lovely all times alright.

-beloved bro & nic-

Going for skating tomorrow with Susan and gang..
I heart you babes and dudes. Eager to see you guys tomorrow.. Will definitely enjoy.

Anyone is welcomed to tag along for tomorrow's event, whether you know them or not. The more, the merrier.

Lastly, goodluck ChiaHui, my sis for her SPM trial tomorrow. Of course, wishing every single SPM takers this year.
Goodluck and all the best!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

.diary of cousins.

Half of my holiday gone already.
Gave the major portion of it to a cousin of mine that came Klang for a week time. She stayed @ JB and age 18 only; came here alone by bus. =)

Let me introduce my lil cousin.

-she is short, but cute ain't her-

Went a couple of place this few days.
Brough my cousin and bro to pyramid and i-city with a bunch of cousin and siblings.

Also for the first time in my life, I played golf @ KEC. We friend who went are big bunch of noobies wey...
Or should I say actually its not that easy to play as seen @ the square box.

Sigh, time passes so fast.
1 week left only, must fully utilize time to the max now. Let's continue holiday'ing while those whom supposed to back school have their time suffers. =D

any vacation or holiday plans let me know yeah.
-cute bear bear-

Monday, September 13, 2010

.life is getting more interesting.

PENANG is fantastic I would say!
Be proud Simon & Charis; now I know why you people are chubby.

Seems to be paradise of foods there.. Where ever I go I sees food, nice food. and most importantly, its all freaking cheap.
Cheap. Tasty. Big. Tell me where else on earth can I find? =D

Okey I know what, food is the main idea there.
But sorry no photo of food were snapped as it all goes into our stomach. We sees it and immediately swallowed into our empty stomach.

Its a 3days & 2nights trip, but we ended up playing there for 4 days. Indeed, it was a tiring trip.
Explore almost every single corner of tourism spot @ Penang these few days. I can't even recall the name of the place there.

This bloody waterfall located somewhere deep inside a forest and we managed to explored, and of course, no one else there other than we people.

-air terjun tak bernama-

Went the beaches, a couple of temples, toy musuem and others.
Some photos here and you can find the rest @ here ,here, and here

-the [D]-

-ChiHou & Derrick-

-YeHern & JianHao-

-Me & JoyJoy-

-and there we go-

-ShirTheng & Elaine-

-the parachute-

Thats the very first time most of us gave our virginity to activities @ beaches. =P
Although it cost a bomb to our pocket, but its worthwhile playing it.

Went for a fate draw @ Chaiya Mangkalaram Buddhist Temple, and unfortunately, get a unlucky one. It was as follow:

"NO. 20 is an unlucky one. Your present position is doubtful. if you make up your mind and work hard, you may be successful in your work. However, your luck at present time is rather bad. Take care if the people who are going to help you in your business; they are unfaithful to you, and are planning to trap you. At present you have few hopes of having a baby. In case of prosecution you have much hope to win the case. In future you may get a better position and be prosperous, but at present you are in an unlucky position. You may have to meet with some difficulties. you can be better by offering some oil to Lord Buddha or any offerings you prefer."


Sad sad....
Am going to have a baby soon. =p

The journey continues...

-unleash the dragon-

-yehern, shirtheng & joy-

-penang crew-

-Darryl and his deer-

-globad D-



-sees KL?-

-We heart [P]enan[G]-

Next I would like to intro the 'Toy Museum'.
Entrance is 10bucks per head. Stay there snap as long as you like, and memories will flew back seeing toys that related to moment during childhood.

-cutest photo of the day-


-D imitating Joy-

-nahh F.c.u.k-

-Bob with panda-

-lala with Panda-

-i sees it-

-tom rider-

-for you .ivan.-

I would like to thanks to Lala and Kelvin on the behalf of all of us, for driving the long journey safely with full spirit. If its me, I would definitely there complaining tired and bla bla.

Don't ask for souvenirs anymore, I got nothing left to give out. haha. toodles.

-sadly return home-

signing off, PG

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

.holiday here i come.

As I mentioned, exam had over now.. Not repeating the same issue again and again.

Went for a movie @ WangsaWalk just now; watched the 'Piranha'. Well it was freaking bloody but its nice as I like it so muchie. And for guys outside there, there are tons of sexy babes with bikinis' in the movie.
Go get your ass and pay for one ticket to watch!

The clock pointed sharp @ 12. Another new midnight just commence..
Get ready all my baggage by now and waiting for time to pass. Soon driver will come over my house to take me and prepared to depart to Penang.

Before I leave, gonna miss everyone for another 72hours alright! Klang, you're allowed to miss me for 3 more clear days and sorry I will enjoy @ Penang and meanwhile not mssing you.
By time, will stay with you for 2 long weeks yea..

Have fun for those going back hometown tomorrow and vacations.
Drive safe during the journey back.

We, students of TARC will meet when college re-open.
Till then, see yah!

Signing off,
feel so relieved now, never had better than now

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

.the end.

Bravo bravo...

3hours from now would be the very last paper already..
Another 3hours after that then byebye sem1, you are going to be terminated in 6hours time. =)

God bless every candidates having exam later yeah..

@ midnight later gonna be the hour where we guys departing to Penang for our relaxation vacation. Finally after suffering for 2 weeks, we're gonna have 2 weeks off for holiday to compensate our hard work, and hard time we had.

Officially open for date on the 12th this month and onward.. Book me before too late.
Or I guess I have to start making appointment with people as a contingency plan in case no one dates me..

Been away from home for weeks already; missed my family so much.. How eager I am now to see them, but let me enjoy few days @ Penang first before I home alright.

And Mr.TieuWeiLong:
You're freaking brave. Therefore, I put a salutatin mark on you already haha.. Don't forget to tag me along the next time la wei....

The End!

Ps: Good good luck in the Financial Accounting paper I yeahh people.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

.thanks a ton.

Again, a clear blue sky with fantastic weather.

Hereby I would like to thanks every single tutors and lecturers for every single knowledge smacked into me and all guidance from zero to hero,

Although I'm not one now, soon and I will be one.
A real hero, not a mystical one.

Special thanks to MsChin for being so strict to us, I understand your hardwork and btw that paper was real tough.
As what you often said, we're going to die a thousand deaths for not attending your class.
I guess most of us died yesterday as in your paper. haha.

But I would say, some time and most of the time, YOU'RE WRONG FOR MISJUDGING US!

I admit, we are still in the comfort zone, as to the parable of the boiling frog.
Often, it's the nature of every single student, *correct me if I'm wrong, but that doesn't means you can jump to conclusion whenever some unwanted matter arises.

Anyway, thanks a ton every educator for being passionate in leading us!

p/s: We will grow as the time comes.