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Friday, September 24, 2010

.end of holiday.

Its Saturday today! Needed to back college already tonight..

Anyway, enjoyed this 2 weeks of holiday almost to the max; am satistied with it. Been slacking for the whole 2 weeks and having nice outing.

Penang, I-city, golf, ktv, pyramid, pavilion and tons of ass-kicked fun activities.

That is why I have to thanks to everyone involved during my fantastic holiday. Thankyou.

Time to crack my brain.
Time to de-rust my brain.
Time to get my ass back to college.
Time to study and face stress again.

See yah peoples in college. I miss you people so much.
Eager to see you guys; on the other hand, going to miss peoples from Klang.

p.s: I don't have nerd-mode like many people do.

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