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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

.the end.

Bravo bravo...

3hours from now would be the very last paper already..
Another 3hours after that then byebye sem1, you are going to be terminated in 6hours time. =)

God bless every candidates having exam later yeah..

@ midnight later gonna be the hour where we guys departing to Penang for our relaxation vacation. Finally after suffering for 2 weeks, we're gonna have 2 weeks off for holiday to compensate our hard work, and hard time we had.

Officially open for date on the 12th this month and onward.. Book me before too late.
Or I guess I have to start making appointment with people as a contingency plan in case no one dates me..

Been away from home for weeks already; missed my family so much.. How eager I am now to see them, but let me enjoy few days @ Penang first before I home alright.

And Mr.TieuWeiLong:
You're freaking brave. Therefore, I put a salutatin mark on you already haha.. Don't forget to tag me along the next time la wei....

The End!

Ps: Good good luck in the Financial Accounting paper I yeahh people.

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