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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

.holiday here i come.

As I mentioned, exam had over now.. Not repeating the same issue again and again.

Went for a movie @ WangsaWalk just now; watched the 'Piranha'. Well it was freaking bloody but its nice as I like it so muchie. And for guys outside there, there are tons of sexy babes with bikinis' in the movie.
Go get your ass and pay for one ticket to watch!

The clock pointed sharp @ 12. Another new midnight just commence..
Get ready all my baggage by now and waiting for time to pass. Soon driver will come over my house to take me and prepared to depart to Penang.

Before I leave, gonna miss everyone for another 72hours alright! Klang, you're allowed to miss me for 3 more clear days and sorry I will enjoy @ Penang and meanwhile not mssing you.
By time, will stay with you for 2 long weeks yea..

Have fun for those going back hometown tomorrow and vacations.
Drive safe during the journey back.

We, students of TARC will meet when college re-open.
Till then, see yah!

Signing off,
feel so relieved now, never had better than now

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