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Monday, September 13, 2010

.life is getting more interesting.

PENANG is fantastic I would say!
Be proud Simon & Charis; now I know why you people are chubby.

Seems to be paradise of foods there.. Where ever I go I sees food, nice food. and most importantly, its all freaking cheap.
Cheap. Tasty. Big. Tell me where else on earth can I find? =D

Okey I know what, food is the main idea there.
But sorry no photo of food were snapped as it all goes into our stomach. We sees it and immediately swallowed into our empty stomach.

Its a 3days & 2nights trip, but we ended up playing there for 4 days. Indeed, it was a tiring trip.
Explore almost every single corner of tourism spot @ Penang these few days. I can't even recall the name of the place there.

This bloody waterfall located somewhere deep inside a forest and we managed to explored, and of course, no one else there other than we people.

-air terjun tak bernama-

Went the beaches, a couple of temples, toy musuem and others.
Some photos here and you can find the rest @ here ,here, and here

-the [D]-

-ChiHou & Derrick-

-YeHern & JianHao-

-Me & JoyJoy-

-and there we go-

-ShirTheng & Elaine-

-the parachute-

Thats the very first time most of us gave our virginity to activities @ beaches. =P
Although it cost a bomb to our pocket, but its worthwhile playing it.

Went for a fate draw @ Chaiya Mangkalaram Buddhist Temple, and unfortunately, get a unlucky one. It was as follow:

"NO. 20 is an unlucky one. Your present position is doubtful. if you make up your mind and work hard, you may be successful in your work. However, your luck at present time is rather bad. Take care if the people who are going to help you in your business; they are unfaithful to you, and are planning to trap you. At present you have few hopes of having a baby. In case of prosecution you have much hope to win the case. In future you may get a better position and be prosperous, but at present you are in an unlucky position. You may have to meet with some difficulties. you can be better by offering some oil to Lord Buddha or any offerings you prefer."


Sad sad....
Am going to have a baby soon. =p

The journey continues...

-unleash the dragon-

-yehern, shirtheng & joy-

-penang crew-

-Darryl and his deer-

-globad D-



-sees KL?-

-We heart [P]enan[G]-

Next I would like to intro the 'Toy Museum'.
Entrance is 10bucks per head. Stay there snap as long as you like, and memories will flew back seeing toys that related to moment during childhood.

-cutest photo of the day-


-D imitating Joy-

-nahh F.c.u.k-

-Bob with panda-

-lala with Panda-

-i sees it-

-tom rider-

-for you .ivan.-

I would like to thanks to Lala and Kelvin on the behalf of all of us, for driving the long journey safely with full spirit. If its me, I would definitely there complaining tired and bla bla.

Don't ask for souvenirs anymore, I got nothing left to give out. haha. toodles.

-sadly return home-

signing off, PG

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