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Friday, October 08, 2010

.art of craziness.

What happen when life goes bored?

Nonsense people like me and you get nuts and do stupid stuff.
Would like to present a piece of art done during diploma without anyone knowing it.. I still remember its during the boring MsAnne's tutorial class.

The very first is the kawaii lil Siewli that always been a good friend of mine. She never fails to help me out whenever I needs help.
Thanks LiLi for all hard work you'd helped me out. Arigato kozaimas!

And not forgetting ShirTheng that small lil doggy girl that accompanied us; cheering the whole class @ all times.

I don't know why Soon looks this way, perhaps the word BANANA with 'dick head' - value-added by ahsoon himself. describes him best.
and that is the reason he looks like a banana. haha. Sorry Soon. :)

Felicia is going to kill me for posting this here right now. but who cares,

You looks JUST NICE and JUST CUTE!
(right peoples on earth?haha)

I bet your bf loved this look of yours. haha.
*For entertainment only, don't get offended alright Felicia. Darryl never mean to harsh you anytime although I might sounded like I mean it. Sorry too. *

Signing off, I looks good all the while.

presented by
[D]arryL tee.

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