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Monday, October 18, 2010


Slept like a pig this morning where I failed to attend college..

I'm all behind a 3 hours class now.
I need someone to guide and teach me what I'd left behind.

Besides, its mainly due to the heavy rain this morning that comfortized my nap. haha. Sigh, afraid of raining whenever I'm having class. No car, and its a far walking distant from my place to the bus-stop.

I really do wish I could drive here.
@ least I can sleep longer, and not skipping any class whenever rains. Also, of course I could hang out with friends more often here.

Exploring KL is a mission!
Get me an internship job in KL, and I am going to drive here. Please grant my wishes.

ps: I shall stop facing my laptop which drives the tiredness within me.

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