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Saturday, November 27, 2010


Hello people..

Left my blog untouched for few months already, can I have one volunteer each day or if possible, a paksa-rela person to update my lonely blog once every week?
Would be glad if there's any.

Been thinking that no one were going after the tail of my blog. Guess what, I'm wrong.. Do have people asking and waiting for me to update my blog.
Teehee! That is the best news I can ever heard of with regard to the blogging interest of mine that had extinct a millenium years ago.

Things had gone different from time-to-time.
Definition of life tends to get dim and dimmer as time passed. Let it be, let it be the way it wana be....

Shall I suppose to update anything here; then its gonna be my college's life.
Being honest, I don't find the joy being in college as I had previously had before. Ask me why, and answer the why for me..

As usual, and as supposed the same for everyone..
Busy with assignments and test. Its not easy to be a procrastinator like me..

Already reached the ultimate level, currently the procrastinator of the procrastinators. Guess I'm the only one whom haven't start doing the assignment that were assigned couple of weeks ago. a..ha..... lazy is my name!

Time to back MIA'ing for the next I don't know how long.

Stay tuned!
Will be right back after the ads.. =)

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