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Thursday, December 30, 2010

.toodles 2010.

Year 2010 is coming to an ending..

Dropping by here to say goodbye ugly year 2010, and welcome pretty year 2011.
May the new year bring bless to everyone around. =)

toodles! @_@

Thursday, December 23, 2010

.Merry X'mas'

24th December of lovely year 2010, being a christmas eve gives me a sense of comfort where I skipped my early morning class and stay home enjoying the christmas atmosphere.

Hearing people celebrating and thanksgiving makes me envy of having one too.
Friends! let us have one too. =)

Anyway, wishes a very blessed Merry Christmas to every living species of planet earth.
Treasure every single people around and thereby takes this opportunity to pass a heart to your loved one.

p/s: I'm a lonely boy whom fell in love with you. Less than 3.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

.loss with no direction.

Midnight 1.00AM..

Why is there a sense of fluctuation of my feelings right now?
Things are all perceived not right by my mind. Also, wondering what should I do for the next 24 hours?
Everything seems wrong @ this point of time, and unsure of what's bothering me right now.

I miss you, I miss missing and I miss nothing.

Something just gone wrong within me. Goodluck and god bless. Hoping tomorrow would be a better day.
Goodnight again planet earth!

Monday, December 13, 2010

.a little bit of this and that.

And ...... I know the whole world is waiting for me to update something on my blog.

Alright let me start updating a piece of this and that for occasions recently. In fact, early in the morning now am feeling dizzy and having muscle-cramp for pushing hard for gym yesterday. However, indeed had lotsa fun with Kelvin and CheeHong as we take turns repeating the loads.

And now, looking @ both of their bodies, it serves as a motivator for me to build a little bit of my small body.. teehee! =)

Puchong, Asian Water Sports Village was an absolutely nice place to relax and mind-calming.

As a topping, activities like water-sport games are made available together with the package offered.
We picked the package costing Rm1388 which could accommodate up to a maximum of 15person. Staying in a luxury house of which cost around 1.2million, having mini fish spa, jacuzzi and sauna facilities serve as another value-added elements where YOU should really take the opportunity to visit the place!

Anyone would wanted to visit the place, feel free to bring me along as I owns a voucher for 40% deduction to the grand total price. :)

Here's a brief external look of the environment of it.

I would hereby proudly present the 18 donkeys that went for the vacation. =)

We unite as 1ABM1!

For more photos, kindly click on the links below:
Not gonna flood my blog with cool and awesome photos! Stay tuned with my facebook for more events. =P

Okey next button is clicked, blog faster darryl! Time to go college already. weeee :)

Wicked D would wanted to bring again about my wonderful birthday again.
Thanks for the fabulous celebrations by my classmates and my Klang buddieesss... Love all the wishes and nevertheless prezziesss. Love yah! <3

Kawan-kawan Klang sekalian <3

D established since 1990.

Before that, sorry people of ABM1 for not having any photos to upload now.. Yet to transfer the photos. haha. I know you guys don't mind, as memories are still all within out soul.

Not forgetting my beloved jiejie a.k.a. Jyeslyn, yee's sister whom came for my celebration as well. Thankyou muchiiee kakak. <3

Alright short introduction of me here,
I am a boy established since 1990, which means I myself is a history worthing 20 years.
No longer small little ah boy so called by my beloved mummy! It's almost time to be legal and i should now be naughty! Teehee!

I love everyone around me.
There goes the epic monkey.

Say sayonara to me!
Stay tuned and D'kiam cai will be back for more updates. toodles!

Thursday, December 09, 2010

.birthday boy D.

Lotsa stuff me wanted to update here.
But too bad, am really lazy right now and been a busy semester..

Let me start with something 'mengemparkan'!! @_@

Happy Birthdayy Tee Darryl :)

Thanks for all wishes sent to me and celebrations made. And I know there will be more to come.. Update again once I'm free and non-lazied :)

Till then, toodles! (: