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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

.loving under dilemma.

The whole world is under dilemma right now.
I.. Me.... Myself....... Him.. Her..... and Them...............................

At this moment of time, which is the peak season to love for peoples around me; we, as the observers, found that love from others tend to create dilemma to another.

Years of established friendship ruined thanking to relationship between the male and the female. I know human grows and eventually enters into relation, but please control, thus not letting your happiness paid on the sorrowness of another.

Anyway, we may avoid suffering and sorrow, but we cannot learn, feel, change, grow or love. So, conclusion is facing the fact is what we should be doing? Alleluyah!
The eye on sky, smack some passion into us. Stop challenging we human being..

Define the four letter word, love..
Love creates hate at the same time? I seriously wonder for my whole life being a being.

Is it that tough to remain balance between love and friendship? You answers it!

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