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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

.life is of no u-turn.

I left this blog untouched for six bloody months..

Within these periods of the months, everything changed and I started having a different perception towards people and the world.
I used to have wrong concept where I cracked my head so badly to realise various dreams. But now, dream will I let it continue be dream and only a platform of what I wanted to achieve.
No more, no less; I can't really push myself if I do not posses the capability for it.

One word I learned, Live out Life!

From today onward, I'll placed a No-U-turn for everything I do.. Cause life is life, life only moves frontward.

"STAND UP and MOVE FORWARD. You'll see how wonderful is the pay-off in the future!", quote WeeHan.
Do it and don't regret.

p/s: I falling in ♥love♥ with you.

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