save with me

Sunday, June 12, 2011

.full stop don't run, comma runs.

Sigh and another sigh, life is awful..
Thing just never run smoothly.

First: I sprained my leg last night, it is paining for nobody's business for I don't know what reason. And now I'm walking like an OKU.. God! Starting to panic already, please recover soon. =(

Then: Relationship comes into a big big dilemma. Friends and love just never get balance.

After all, every tiny little bit of thing is causing more and more problems, to me. Life crushed into love at a point of time and hate at another point of time.. But now all I wish is a thing, but that will never realise. So life is really so fucked-up as quoted by Alvin.

How I wish I can put a red light on life right now. Depressed!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

.Happiee Burfday Yee.

Happy Birthday girl!
10.06.11 is just your day.

stay kawaii des.=DDD

signing off.
click here for a video made for her. =p

Monday, June 06, 2011

.nothing but merely rest.

Most people think I am strong. In fact, I am fragile and was only trying to be one.

I found that I've seriously lost some friends here and there. Yet, I truly wish you happy ever after.
Then, good luck for the downturn life i'm currently living.

Exhausted to the max right now. One whole day of rest for today is all I need.

MIA mode on. Please do not contact me.

Signing off.
dot. dot.. dot...

Friday, June 03, 2011

.imprisoned inside me is a secret.

“Don’t tell anyone who I am.”

If this is something that Spiderman says to Mary Jane after she discovers his secret identity, it makes perfect sense. He has to keep his secret to protect his loved ones, and he probably doesn’t want his friends knowing that he spends his evenings prancing around the city in colored spandex.

As to me, I'm placing a thick thick veil to the secret mission I'm currently on to. Give me a week time to realise the mission and by then, mission impossible would have to place a green light changing it to mission possible! =D
It's late late night right now, blogging had became my good friend at this hour. Good issue ain't it?

Time will come and everything will be revealed. I'm proud with myself whenever I felt that I'd done with what I suppose to do, what I'm born to do, what I'm fated to do..
Do my role, that's what matter. and I know you're wondering wtftootootrain am I saying right now. All I can tell, you don't have to know! haha.

Goodluck and Goodnight. =)