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Sunday, June 12, 2011

.full stop don't run, comma runs.

Sigh and another sigh, life is awful..
Thing just never run smoothly.

First: I sprained my leg last night, it is paining for nobody's business for I don't know what reason. And now I'm walking like an OKU.. God! Starting to panic already, please recover soon. =(

Then: Relationship comes into a big big dilemma. Friends and love just never get balance.

After all, every tiny little bit of thing is causing more and more problems, to me. Life crushed into love at a point of time and hate at another point of time.. But now all I wish is a thing, but that will never realise. So life is really so fucked-up as quoted by Alvin.

How I wish I can put a red light on life right now. Depressed!

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